Outfit Post: Vans, Beyond Retro and Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo

Another outfit post! Wow, you’d think I was a real fashion blogger or something. However, unlike a real fashion blogger, I’m not wearing any current season stuff and the lighting isn’t great. Last week, Miz and I had a proper day off together for the first time in ages, we headed to Brighton Pier for the first time since we’ve lived here and played arcade games and had a wander, on the hottest day of the year! Seriously, never been so hot, especially not in this country.

Anyway, here’s what I wore…


So sad that I killed my short dungarees this month through a bizarre accident with a door handle, luckily an afternoon with fellow Brighton Blogger, Jennie from Hooting Miss Owl lead to a trawl through Beyond Retro (the Brighton one is far less pretentious than the London ones by the way!) and I picked up this cute dungaree dress for under £30. They are a good fit and I love the striped braces on them. The bag is my beloved Fox/Owl satchel which you can pick up all over the internet for not very much money.


I wore a Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo top underneath, which is still going strong and accessorized with my Tatty Devine sample sale lolly pop necklace, a Lazy Oaf badge and my epic glitter shades from ASOS. Check out the view of the beach behind me, can you believe that’s just little old Britain? Love living here.


My new shoes are star printed, blue, classic Vans lace ups, they are higher cut than the lace ups that you see most girls wearing, more the shape of a skate trainer than a plimsol, I picked them up in the ASOS sale for about £30. My socks are Primark specials, only £1.50. The trainers are awesome, I love how they look, but they are in severe need of wearing in at the moment. Here’s to more sunny weather and more outfit photos! Thanks as always goes to Miz for taking the photos for me.

What do you think of dungarees? 

What’s your latest shoe purchase? 

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Coggings & Co Burgers, Dyke Road, Brighton

So, we moved to Brighton about a month ago now, we were bound to start a Brighton burger adventure as soon as we could, right? Yea, of course! That’s why our first meal out in Brighton since moving here was a burger. Coggings & Co is about ten minutes walk from Brighton train station and a mere five minutes from a house, so it was a natural choice for our first Brighton burger noms.

The unique thing about Coggings & Co is that they only use brands and ingredients sourced locally, from the Sussex county, so you’re going to get the best Sussex has to offer and because of that, super freshness and British food. It’s not an original USP but it’s something awesome to see in a independent restaurant for sure, great to see how they are support their community of growers and makers.

To drink I went for Wobblegate Pink Cider, partly because of the name, it made me smile. It’s pink because it contains crushed berries and you get a massive bottle for your money, which is also a bonus. Delighted to see it presented with a frosted glass and plenty of ice too, a nice touch, although a bit dodgy for my poor sensitive teeth. Anyway, the cider was still, which I’m not used to, so although it was good I don’t think it’s a texture I’d choose again. It’s always fun to try a new brand though!


The burger menu is simple, just lots of strong classics using Sussex sourced ingredients and each burger comes with a side of triple cooked chips, which you can choose to be cooked in dripping or vegetable oil, which I thought was a nice touch. Naturally, we went for the dripping option! I went for their take on a the cheese burger: 6oz beef, coastal cheddar, dry-cured honey-glazed streaky bacon, mustard mayonnaise, salad. And here’s what it looked like, totally impressed with the impeccable presentation.


For £10.95 you get the perfect amount of food. The patty is juicy and the perfect size and all the toppings taste and look amazing. They’ve stuck to their own vibe, bringing together a very British take on the burger, rather than going for the dirty American style burger that is so popular at the moment. I’d have to say this is up there as one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

The venue is simple, clean and bright, a little out of the way if you’re visiting Brighton but awesome if you’re local and looking for somewhere different and off the usual tracks, being out of town it’s not heaving but has a good atmosphere. The staff were super happy and helpful and more than happy to answer questions. Very happy to have this as our local burger joint and would definitely recommend a visit for anyone in the Brighton area. Next time, I’m having dessert!

Where do you think the best burger in Brighton is? 

What tops your burger list? 

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#IndieLove: Birchwood Lolly Pops from Little Papa

Independent designers and makers were one of my core focuses when I started blogging in 2009 and although I’m still a massive fan of discovering new brands, ingenious designs and adorable crafts online it’s not often that I share them, so I thought I’d start a series of them, introducing the first one of my Indie Love series.

Yes, the high street is cheap and convienient, but isn’t is far more satisfying finding something unique, made with love and created by a true artist? Let’s make more of an effort to support those awesome little businesses that are hiding around the interwebs and filling Folksy and Etsy up with so much awesome.

Today, I want to share with you this Brighton based find, Little Papa. They’ve got a whole range of cute laser cut wooden items and printed tees, mainly aimed at children, but it’s these adorable ice cream items that I have caught my eye and at just £8 for a necklace or ring and only £4 for a brooch, it’s not only more awesome than the high street, it’s also more budget friendly too.

If these creations made you smile too, give Little Papa a follow on Twitter or check out their website here. And from me, Little Papa I salute you for being awesome, creating beauties that put a smile on my face and things that look good enough to lick. Good job and keep at it!

Have you spotted a indie brand that deserves some love? 

What crafty finds have made you smile? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Vintage Style Hair Cut at Betty Lou, Preston Road, Brighton

So, I’ve been living in Brighton for about a month now, pretty much as soon as I got here I knew I needed to find a hairdresser pronto! Although I’ve gotten quite confident at trimming my own Bettie bangs with Miz’s clippers, the ends of my hair were starting to look quite ratty and although the temptation was there to just trim it myself, I thought it best to get off my ass and find a new salon locally that weren’t afraid of my Bettie bangs and didn’t make me feel super awkward whilst I was there.

I hit Twitter to ask the Brighton community where the would suggest I visited and the most recommended place for vintage style cuts in Brighton was Betty Lou on Preston St, to make matters even better, it’s super easy to get to from my house, pretty much a straight line from my road, awesome.


I booked in online, via Wahanda and got a great deal on a bundle that included a cut and blow dry as well as a gel manicure for only £42. Amazing right? I’m told you can get the same deals by calling the salon direct and they can create packages to your needs to, so you can get all your beauty needs in one go at an awesome price.


I was delighted to be able to meet the owner, Liz and have her cut my hair. She was amazingly lovely, down to earth and I loved hearing her story about how she came to be a salon owner after years of various different jobs. Definitely someone I had an instant connection with, which is always nice and particularly nice since I’m new to the area and don’t know many people.


The salon styling is very cute, rockabilly inspired. It’s not perfect because it’s all been done on shoestring and a lot if DIY by the salon staff, but I don’t mind that, it adds to the indie charm of the place. It’s about the service and the results that are the most important things and all boxes were ticked on that front. Liz did an awesome job on my hair, really very happy with it and loved how she finished it with mermaid style curls.


I had a gel manicure for the first time afterwards, I didn’t take photos of it stupidly, but the manicure, again was very well done and the girl was lovely. It was my first gel manicure and unfortunately for me, it’s not something I’d do again, too much time and faffing and considering I change my nail polish at least once a week the longevity bonus of it isn’t really something I need. I did paint over it and it worked well, but heck, trying to DIY remove gel polish, that’s not fun. Don’t do it.

Overall, really happy with the place and would definitely go back. If you want a non pretentious, chilled out salon handy to the centre of Brighton that doesn’t charge a fortune, definitely check out Betty Lou’s.

Where would you recommend I check out in Brighton? 

What do you think of the finished look? 

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Blog Tips: A Checklist for Bloggers

Today I’ve been updating a beauty blogger list as part of my freelance work, it was awesome to find so many new ones and rediscover old favourites via searching and shouting out on Twitter for help. However, it also brought up a whole bunch of things that from a brand point of view make it difficult to select bloggers or to even be able to contact you. I’ve written similar posts before which you can find in my Blog Tips category, but I thought I’d make another in a simpler format.


Here’s my top 10 list of things that every serious blogger should check on a regular basis in order to optimise their site for working with brands and agencies, as well as just general good housekeeping in order to keep your blog slick and easy to navigate. It’s all based on stuff I’ve noticed when I’ve been trying to find bloggers for brands to work with and I’m sure there are more, let me know if you think of any and add them in the comments below!

  1. Do all your links on your site  work and go to the right place? E.g. does your Twitter icon link to the correct Twitter account?
  2. Do you have your email address in an obvious place? Ideally on the homepage or contact us page?
  3. Do you mention where in the country you are based? It could be by city or county, but will help PRs identify if you fit certain bills.
  4. Do you have links to all of your social media on your homepage?
  5. Is your social media information up to date? Do you post regularly?
  6. Are you easy to find on social media? Do you have a username and/or description that relates to your blog?
  7. Is your email address and social media name easy to spell? Will it be easy to typo?
  8. Do all the images and graphics on your site load? Is the font easy to read?
  9. Does you site load on different browsers correctly? Does it work on mobile?
  10. Is it easy to people to comment or share your posts?

Just a quickie on this one, but I hope some of you find it useful/interesting.

Is there anything else you’d add to this list? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Outfit Post: Star Wars Vans and Illustrated People Han Solo T-Shirt

This morning, Miz and I headed to the skate park in Brighton so that Miz could get some practise in after a very long break of not skating. I unintentionally went dressed like a Star Wars themed skater girl, hopefully with a lot more originality that the Avril Lavigne type and with my super colourful, freshly dyed hair, thanks to Miz!

illustrated people han solo rebel rebel t shirt celia birdwell uniqlo cropped trousers and star wars vans

The Star Wars, Han Solo/ David Bowie Aladdin Sane mashup t-shirt is by Illustrated People, which you can pick up in ladies and mens sizes from the awesome website, Truffle Shuffle. I love this top, it’s geeky, but classy too. I teamed it with my Celia Birdwell x Uniqlo cropped trousers, which I’ve had for over a year, but am only wearing in public for the first time today. Being a tall girl, I’ve always been conscious that cropped trousers can look a little like I’ve just found pants that are too short for me, so I added turn ups to make them more obviously cropped.

illustrated people han solo rebel rebel t shirt celia birdwell uniqlo cropped trousers and star wars vans

The sunglasses are another pair of ASOS bargains, these ones were only £3 when I purchased them in the sale in the Winter. My necklace is my current favourite from my little collection from Sugar & Vice. The bag was also a sale bargain, from Accessorize about a year ago.

directions hair dye plum atlantic blue and apple green

And quite possibly one of the best pair of shoes that I’ve ever owned? My Star Wars x Vans slip ons, that are incredibly still available now. It’s the first time I’ve purchased Vans slip ons, they are incredibly comfortable and for anyone with a geek side, this design is just pretty darn special. Miz, also got a pair, but the more pared down design of Yoda hiding amongst hibiscus flowers. If you haven’t seen the collection yet, you need to check it out!


Miz dyed my hair for my last night, he helped choose the shades and then I just let him loose on my hair and this is the result. It’s the second time he’s dyed it for me and he’s done another smashing job. Unfortunately my natural coloured roots are making an appearance now, so the dye didn’t cling to those so well to them, but until I can get a professional to work magic, I’m pretty pleased.



The blue is Directions La Riche Atlantic Blue and I’ve got purple streaks from La Riche Directions Plum and the underneath is Directions Apple Green. All of these shades were applied over the top of a faded blue and purple base and have taken very well. Next time, I’m going to try for a brighter colour on top of a bleached base for the first time ever, more on that very soon.

Are you a Star Wars fan? 

What do you think of my new hair colour? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Outfit Post: Blue Gingham and Red Accessories from New Look

New Look got in touch recently to ask me to create my own take on a festival fashion look, this is my first of  a couple of looks that I’ll be putting together using mostly New Look clothing and inspired by the Grunge and Punk eras of festival fashion, taken from the awesome New Look Festival Timeline. It’s interesting to see how certain trends have consistently been reoccurring for festival fashions, namely boho, hippy stylings with a 1970s vibe, so I wanted to show something different.

Personally, the concept of festival fashion is a bit odd to be, because the last thing you should have time for at a festival is faffing about with how you look. I know when I hit Hevy Festival next month it’ll all be about the easiest way to keep clean and warm in the mosh pits (and most likely failing on both accounts). But anyways, if you’re looking for a cute, vintage inspired get up to wear to a festival this Summer, perhaps this might inspire you!


If you’re lucky enough to encounter warm weather at a festival this Summer, this dress is awesome. It’s a lightweight cotton, with a relaxed fit, which looks super cute loose or worn with a belt. With it being short as well it would work over the top of shorts, leggings or tights too if you need the extra layer for warmth, or in my case, to preserve your modesty! I’ve got denim shorts underneath for that! The dress has a bronze zip fastening at the back and two useful, relaxed pockets on the front.

Comfortable shoes are a must too, although it doesn’t have to be wellies! I picked up these Converse dupes from New Look for only £9.99 and they don’t require the same amount of wearing in as Converse, they are instantly comfortable and if you wreck them at the festival they are easy and cheap to replace! LOVE this colour too, can you tell that I like the colour blue?

WP_20140703_18_43_02_ProI’ve accessorized with a skinny red belt from Forever 21 and my trusty Fox Satchel, which you can find at various awesome retailers across the interweb, including Temporary Secretary and Jiji Kiki. Now, check out the squinting on this pic! We picked the wrong time of day for mobile phone photography!

The usual headgear of choice for festivals this century are floral crowns and headresses, which I personally do really love, but in the scenario of a festival, it’s the predictable thing to wear and personally I’d be worried about such a pretty accessory getting wrecked, lost of stolen. So, I’ve opted for a cheaper, more durable cotton bow headband from Accessorize instead, or I’d wear a head scarf for a similar look, this is also a great way of hiding my current hair roots situation!


Sunglasses are obviously a must and once again, I’d prefer to take something cheap to avoid major upset if they get lost/stolen/broken or ruined. These are my current faves and were a gift from Gemma of Flutter and Sparkle and originally from ASOS. I love massive shades, they are fun and these ones have a bit of a 1960s vibe to them that I love.


I can’t go without some fun jewellery too, so for the purposes of this outfit post I’ve whipped out the sparkly ice lolly necklace from the awesome Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, check them out and support a small designer and maker! Similar vibe to Tatty Devine (which I also love) but a fraction of the price and plus your supporting someone little and awesomely creative.


Hair cut and styling from this shoot are post hair cut from Betty Lou in Brighton, a review of which is to follow and I’m wearing Besame Lipstick in the new colour, Tango Red, which I’ll also be reviewing very soon.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this to a festival? 

What era of festival fashion pushes your style buttons? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Lactose Free Wimbledon Cupcakes with Lactofree #SayYesToSummer

Many people in the UK may think that they are dairy intolerant, which sucks, right? I can’t imagine a life without dairy products, I love them too much. However, many who think that they are dairy intolerant, may just be intolerant of lactose, the natural sugars in dairy products and this is why Lactofree was created. My Mum and sister are intolerant to lactose, but it’s not something I’ve thought about for myself, so was interested to see how switching to lactose free could impact me personally.

Lactofree set me the challenge to try out a Wimbledon inspired recipe using Lactofree products. Here’s what they sent me to inspire the first challenge.


I was going to try out their Elizabeth Cake recipe, but when I spotted the dinky cupcake decorating kit in the hamper they sent me, I thought it’d be more fun to use that recipe as a base for my own take on lacto-free cupcakes instead.


The cupcake recipe calls for butter and a dash of milk traditionally. For my lacto-free version I skipped the milk and used the Lactofree Spreadable instead of dairy butter. I was curious to see how this impacted the cooking process and the taste. I picked up the spread from Waitrose for only £1.30, it’s a blend of vegetable oil and lactose free butter.


The mixing process felt just the same as using another spreadable butter or Stork (which is what I normally use), it’s soft so it’s easy to get a creamy mix from it. I guess the only problem is that the tub is quite small, so for a batch of cakes you easily use up nearly the entire tub in one go, but if lactose free is a must for you, it’s totally worth it.


For the Wimbledon theme, it had to be strawberries, especially to give the strawberry corer a go, which I thought was the most stupid gadget ever, but actually was pretty amazing. SOLD! I’m using it everytime I prepare strawberries now. I also made lactose free buttercream, in exactly the same way as normal but with the Lactofree spread instead of butter and it worked a treat. A dash of Vanilla Extract gave it a boost too. Here’s the end result.



Taste wise, I’d say that it tastes a little less rich than a butter based cake, but it’s a very subtle difference. It was easy to work with the Lactofree Spreadable and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone concerned about an intolerance. If you want to find out more about Lactofree, recipe ideas and more about their #SayYesToSummer campaign check out their awesome website.

For your chance to win a walking holiday to the Peak District complete with a picnic basket and blanket courtesy of Lactofree, visit their Facebook page here to enter the competition.

Have you tried Lactofree?

What food intolerances would you struggle with?

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Lucky Chip Burgers at Sebright Arms, Shoreditch

Here’s an overdue blog review for you, in fact,  a review of the last burger we had in London before moving to Brighton. Following on with our search for the best burgers in London, we headed for a Lucky Chip.

This burger brand, has progressed from a humble burger back to a pop up in infamous East London pub, The Seabright Arms. The venue is weird, well known for their live music, but for somewhere to eat, not a first thought. It looks dirty and is down a weird alley on the border of Hackney. It really does not look welcoming. They do however server a great range of craft beer and classic cocktails.

The Lucky Chip menu is predominantly movie themed and features a weekly special. Previous special editions of the menu also included a Breaking Bad menu. It’s pretty damn awesome. Very cool design and lots of geeky references.



I opted for th Danny Trejo. What a legend. Beef burger, bacon, jalapeños, cheese, Chipotle mayo and sour cream. It also comes with a chunky slice of tomato and lettuce. I took the tomato our as it was too thick for my liking.


Doesn’t it look amazing? Sesame bun FTW. Shame about the paper plate. Chips are extra too, but the portions are very generous and the are super tasty skin on fries. Well worth it, but you will be full up!


Probably the second best burger in London. Love the menu theme and the creativity in the toppings and big portions. Unfortunately, I hate the venue for food. It’s not easy to get too, it feels like a dirty old pub and the staff were not friendly, welcoming or helpful. Such a shame. If this menu was placed in its own restaurant or a Diner style location it’d be spot on.

Have you ventured to Lucky Chip yet?

Thoughts on The Sebright Arms?

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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My First Experience of Flat Sharing in London at Age 25

I moved out of home around the age of 16 and straight in with my boyfriend of the time, we moved to Leeds together and went to University there and lived together there too, completely bypassing the usual rite of passage that is flatsharing and student halls, after University, we got married and continued living together, it wasn’t until last year when we broke up and eventually got divorced that flat sharing had even come close to being part of my life.

I was excited to be able to experience flat sharing for the first time at the age of 25, after living along for about four months in the flat that I had previously shared with my ex, I was excited about having someone to share space with and honestly envisioned some kind of Friends-esque flat share situation, where my home became the hub for numerous shenanigans and happy times. Oh, how I was wrong.

Housemate Number One

I moved out of my ex’s place and temporarily sub-letted a place from a friend, where I lived on my own for three weeks before moving in with a good friend of mine in Central Shoreditch. It was pretty much my dream home, modern, spacious and close to everything I needed. My friend worked in the same industry of me and we were both considerate with each other. Unfortunately for me though, he was soon ready to move in with his beautiful girlfriend and then things changed.

In a bit of a panic, I found random people via Spareroom to take his vacant room. We met once and got on really well and had plenty of things in common, so I didn’t mess about and accepted them as new housemates. Then another bad thing happened, it turned out that my tenancy wasn’t as simple of just switching names on a contract, a whole new contract and new deposit had to be put down which was a logistical nightmare and took three times longer than any of us as suspected. Anyway, at least it meant everything was done officially, legally and safely, I soon got over that.

The New Housemates

The new housemates were students when they moved in (I honestly didn’t see a problem with this at the start) and much younger then me (mentally as well as physically) they seemed like fun though. They were a couple, the guy a music student who DJed trance music and the girl a fashion tailoring student and they both had cool style and colourful hair. On their first night in the place, we had so much silly fun it was awesome.

Unfortunately, this didn’t last for long.

The Mess

At first, I put the mess down to them just being young and busy and having just moved in, so not settled yet. But no, I was wrong, soon enough I realised that I had unluckily managed to agree to live with two of the dirtiest and most inconsiderate people I’ve ever known. The guy liked to go out drinking A LOT, which is fine until he comes home at 4am and put trance music on full volume and attempts to cook soup from scratch.

I’ve lived with them six months, they’ve damaged a large percentage of my own personal kitchen items (things I’ve had for nearly 10 years!), they have taken the bin out once the whole time. They buy fruit and watch it rot and go moldy on the side ( I didn’t even know that orange could go moldy, until now!). If they spill something, they just leave it as it is. They have no concept of sharing space in any respect: fridge, freezer, dining room table…etc.

I had to sell my own personal sofa, because I was sick of having them spill on it and having their random mates sleep on it and was worried about it getting damaged beyond repair. I’ve used the living room twice in six months because it’s disgusting.

I’ve never used the dining room table, because it’s been adopted as a home for a set of DJ decks. Even when I asked for it to be moved, it never did.

I’ve picked up a lot of gross and nasty things off the floor and surfaces, which they have left in the shared spaces including: used tissues, dirty socks, remnants of drug use, empty beer cans, empty cigarette packets, cigarette ash, used cotton buds, hair trimmings, fruit so moldy it disintegrates when you pick it up, gone off milk.

Being Inconsiderate

There have been many occasions when I’ve woken up, gone to get breakfast and found a stranger asleep on my sofa and so much mess in the kitchen that I physically can’t use it. There have also been many times when I’ve been woken up in the early hours of the morning by drunken housemates returning home and playing obscenely loud music.

But the worst night was this one that I’m going to tell you about now. If you’ve got a weak stomach, you might not want to read on.


So, they know that I work from home and am a light sleeper, they have learnt this in the past four months quite quickly. On the day in question they also knew that I wasn’t feeling very well and had spent most of the day trying to sleep. So, you would have thought they might have been sensitive to this on a Wednesday afternoon. Alas, no.

At 3pm, they had people round and started playing music at full volume, trance music of course. They also started drinking at this time and it didn’t stop until about 8pm when they FINALLY went out. During the pain of the loud music, I did send them texts to ask for the music to be lowered but it didn’t do much. When I went to make myself some food, having felt like I couldn’t get in the way for the past five hours, the sights of the kitchen and living room actually made me physically cry.

They had managed to use every single pot and pan (all of which are mine) and left them all strewn across the counter space. There was a mystery brown sticky layer across the kitchen floor, it made me gag. I couldn’t even get to the toaster or kettle to make the simplest thing.

The living room had a gathering of spirits, mixers and empty beer cans in the middle of the floor and a thing veil of sticky coating the laminate flooring and the stink of alcohol, as if some kind of squatter party has occurred. Honestly, the worst state they had ever left the place in. I couldn’t cook, so just went to bed with a glass of tap water siphoned from the bathroom tap and some dry crackers and honestly cried myself to sleep.

At about 11pm, I get woken up by the girl housemate arriving home, she’s can’t walk in a straight line and gets from room to room by genuinely bouncing off the walls. And hour or so later, the other guys arrive back, there’s about five of them in total.

For some insane and unknown reason, they decide to shave one of their friends heads in the bathroom, which is right next to my room, so I’m kept awake by the noise from that instead. Joy.

I can’t remember what time they shut up, I just remember feeling horrendous the day after.

It doesn’t end there though.

On inspection of the bathroom, I discover a towel full of hair clippings in the middle of the room and blood on my towel, which was definitely not there before. I inspect the room closer to find MY razor in the middle of the bath, odd. I pick it up and inspect in and want to vomit when I realise that it’s got someone else’s hair on it and blood. True story, honestly.

I assume my razor has been used to shave the random person’s head, until a few days later I see photos on Facebook of them shaving my housemates back….with my razor. WHO DOES THAT?!

Understandably, this causes the biggest argument ever and changes everything.


Ok, so the rent here isn’t cheap. If you were to sell this flat it would be way over a million pounds. It’s a two bed with balcony, behind Shoreditch High Street and very modern. No bills are included in the rent.

When I moved in I set up all the bills in my name for ease and housemate one contributed an even share. Naturally, I assumed that the new guys would do the same, surely you expect to pay towards bills in addition to rent in London?!

Unfortunately not, in the whole six months they have contributed £30 only to all the bills, that’s council tax, internet, phone and electricity. Do the maths, you can guess how much they owe me now. I’ve asked every month for their share of the bills, they’ve mainly just ignored the request until this month when one of them outright refused to contribute.

Since the bills are in my name, there’s not much I can do other than just deal with it. I wouldn’t mind so much if they’d been nice people to live with and considerate, but to be that out of pocket to live in a flat that feels like a expensive squat is not much fun. Right now, I honestly don’t even feel safe being in my own home, because they’ve been so hostile about everything.

Moving On

I’m very happy that I’ve not got my boyfriend Miz, who has been amazingly supportive during the above ordeal and we’re moving on to move in together just the two of us.

I’m sure there’s worse housemate horror stories out there, please feel free to share them below. What I’ve learnt from this experience is that I won’t be house sharing with anyone else in any hurry again. I wish their new housemates lots of luck, they will have to have strong stomach or be equally bizarre to cope with it.

Got some housemate horror stories to share? 

What advise would you have given in this situation?

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch


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Vintage Style Hair Cut at Betty Lou, Preston Road, Brighton

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Outfit Post: Vans, Beyond Retro and Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo

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Coggings & Co Burgers, Dyke Road, Brighton

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Blog Tips: A Checklist for Bloggers
Blog Tips: A Checklist for Bloggers

Today I’ve been updating a beauty blogger list as part of my freelance work, it was awesome to…

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