My Tips for Going Freelance

So, I’ve been completely freelance a year in January, so I thought now was a good time to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gained from the journey. I’m not going to claim to be an expert on the subject of being freelance as I’ve continuing to learn myself, but I often get asked questions about being freelance so thought it would be good to give some advise on the areas that I’ve been asked about most often.


Why go freelance? 

I’ve always wanted my own business and flexibility with working hours, so that’s why I went freelance and it’s the flexibility that keeps me going. After over six years of working a variety of normal jobs with normal working hours and locations I learnt that it didn’t work for me due to some health issues that often make it difficult for me to thrive in these situations.

I don’t know what the reasons are for other people, but for me I would definitely say that going freelance can allow you to have a better work/life balance and flexibility to pursue things that make you happy.

When can I go freelance? 

In theory, anyone can be freelance at anytime. However, I think the reason it worked for me is because I already had strong experience in the industry I was pursuing (four years working in digital marketing for some huge brands) so I could prove that I had the knowledge and experience to get work done on my own too. Going freelance worked for me too because I have a good network of people in the industry who recommend me for work and think of me when they need someone, it was working in the industry, attending industry events and being active on social media that helped me gain this network.

I think it’s also wise to research your chosen industry thoroughly before making the jump too, ensure that you’re going into a field where there is a need for your services. I’m fortunate that I’ve got a wide range of marketing skills I can offer so I’m not super specialised. I can see that people who specialise purely in social media might start to struggling in coming months as so many companies start to take this in house, so think about the longevity of what you want to pursue too.

So, my advise would be that for success in starting freelance you need to have some experience in your chosen field and a strong network who will help support and promote you. You can’t go freelance until you know you’ve definitely got some sources of work coming for you! When I was thinking of going freelance I downloaded Emma Cossey’s e-book and that really helped me get on track.

What hours do I work as a freelancer?

Obviously, this varies depending on what you’re doing and who you’re working for, but for me my work hours are pretty flexible now. For my biggest client I need to be available on emails within normal office hours, but I can check these on the go so it’s not a major constraint. With doing community management for social media it’s 24/7 keeping an eye on things, but again it’s flexible because I can do it whenever and wherever.

To sum up, hours really vary but generally for me I don’t find that I’m working any more than I would if I was in an office environment, I just have the benefit of being able to work around my personal life and have flexibility when I need it.

How much should you charge? 

This is the number one question I get asked and again it really varies on what you’re offering. Generally my rule is that you need to work out what salary you would be on if you were in a ‘normal’ job and use that as a basis for working out your hourly rate/project rate. I have some projects that I charge an hourly rate for and keep a log of what hours I spend on a project and then bill the client according to that, but more commonly I have projects that are charged a set fee for completing a pre-agreed set of work, this is still worked out based on how many hours I think it’ll take, but often it’s not spot on, so take this into account.

When working out your fees, you also need to take into account that you will be paying a tax bill at the end of each financial year and will have higher living costs if you’re working from home (you’ll use more electric/heating…etc.) If you need a guide on how much to charge I find the Salary Checker on Brand Republic a great source for checking salaries for jobs within the media.

Before going freelance it’s really important to make sure you can afford to go freelance too, as it’s not a guaranteed income source like a ‘normal’ job make sure you do a budget of what you need to earn as a minimum and ensure you have a bit saved up just in case!

How does tax work for freelancers? 

This is my most hated part of being freelance as I’m generally shit with admin and money things. Basically, you have to declare what you earn to HMRC each financial year and then they send you a tax bill you have to pay. You can also claim tax back on work expenses such as stationary, phone bills, internet…etc. I’m about to do this for the first time via an accountant, so I’ll let you know how this goes. I’ve found Rosie Slosek a really awesome sources of basic information if you need more knowledge. The main thing to remember is that when you go freelance you need to register as self employed with HMRC, they will send you a letter with a code that allows you to login online and then you can go from there. If you want to hire an accountant it seems a reasonable price to expect to pay for this help will be about £300 per tax year, which is pretty worth it if you ask me!

How do I find freelance work?

As I’ve mentioned before, this is all about your personal network, the more good connections you have in your industry the more chances you will have to pick up work via people recommending you. If you’re interested in doing freelance contract work, where you just go an work a ‘normal’ job for a pre-agree period of time (anything from a week to a year!) you can find these via recruiters and job boards. If you want to do some small, odd jobs you can use sites like People Per Hour and Gumtree to locate these kinds of opportunities.

For me, everything comes through recommendations and social media, making sure your LinkedIn is looking top notch always helps! I’ve also been very fortunate to work for a couple of awesome agencies as a freelancer, which means I’m always on their mind when something new comes up that they need help with.

The negatives of being freelance…

A lot of people tell me I’m so lucky being my own boss and yes, this is true. But being freelance doesn’t come without its downsides and these may not be for everyone. Here’s my little list of things that aren’t so great about being freelance…

  • You have to do your own taxes and it’s really not fun and easy!
  • You don’t have holiday allocation, so you have to organise your work and money around anything that you want to take and I’ve not experienced how this works yet.
  • You have to pay for everything yourself, so if your computer breaks you have to replace it, so it’s wise to always have a bit of money to one side for these kinds of emergencies.
  • Working from home is full of distractions and probs not too healthy, so make sure you make time to get away from the office.
  • You’re on your own, most of the time for me this is a good thing, but I’ve definitely noticed a dip in social activity now I’m out of a ‘normal’ job so it’s extra important to make time to be socialable whether that be within your industry or just with friends.
  • Although you can contract your work, some smaller jobs aren’t secured with contracts which means you could loose that work at anytime, so you don’t have the job security you would in a ‘normal’ job.

I’m sure there are a few more, if you can think of any, let me know in the comments below!

Overall, I’m glad I went freelance, it was definitely the right thing for me. What I would say is that it isn’t going to be the right thing for everyone and there’s a lot to think about before you take the leap. I think I’ll be self employed as my main income for the rest of my life, but I’m sure it won’t be just doing the same thing, being freelance gives me more time to explore other options and have time to be creative again, I’m definitely happier now.

I think I’ve covered the main things there, if you’ve got a question leave me a comment or drop me a tweet @JayneKitsch and I’ll do my best to answer. 

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Removing Hair Colour with Scott Cornwall’s Decolour Stripper

So prior to my most recent colour change I tried bleaching my hair for the first time ever before going Directions Apple Green, Plum and Atlantic Blue. I’ve never bleached my hair before and it was quite a scary thing to do as it really does dry out your hair and make it go a strange colour.

So, when I got to being bored of multi coloured hair and wanted to go back to a more maintainable orange/red shade I thought I would give Decolour Stripper a go, I worked on the launch of this product a couple of years ago and had tried the Remover product when I featured in the products YouTube tutorial which you can see here:

DSC_4108 (600x385)

Decolour Stripper is designed to remove artificial and natural pigments from the hair and uses the lowest levels or bleach (peroxide) and amonia possible to achieve this. The Decolour Remover has no peroxide in it and is designer for removing artificial colours only. Decolour Stripper is therefore a great alternative to bleach which works in a similar way whilst being kinder to your hair. The only thing that is different about Decolour Stripper is that is does not sell itself as a way to get to a great destination shade, it’s advised for creating a blank canvas prior to recolouring or toning.

DSC_4109 (600x380)


You can also benefit with this product as it’s kind enough to use twice in succession without any problems which is awesome if you have a stubborn shade to remove or are removing a very dark shade. So, as mentioned I wanted to use this product to remove faded Directions colours, this is what I was working to remove:

DSC_4098 (600x399)

The product worked very similarly to Bleach, there’s not really much different in the technique or texture except that the smell is less strong and it didn’t cause any irritation on my skin like the bleach did. I left the product on for a full development time of around an hour and got to this base, I have on idea why the image is on its side and it won’t turn around without a lot of effort…

20141022_172221 (1)


I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty impressive. The roots and mid lengths were nearly white and the ends where there had clearly been a bit of staining or colour build up were a little stained in a minty green, if I had wanted a perfect base I could have used the product again straight away and I’d imagine that it would get rid of that too. Best of all my hair still felt in good condition and realistically a shade that wasn’t too bad had I not had time to recolour that day. When I bleach it went a horrible yellow tone and very patchy which I wouldn’t have been happy with. I found this product easier to use and the results more even and my hair in better condition.

So, next time you’re reaching for the bleach, think about the mess your making of your hair and give this a whirl instead. At the moment it’s only available in Boots for around £15 but I would highly recommend it, one box did all my hair!

And because I can’t ignore it, I’ve got to add that yes, the packaging is horrible and doesn’t look appealing, but for the first time ever I almost wrote an entire blog review without mentioning the packaging, it’s so good that I’ll let it off looking like something from the 90s (in a bad way)

What’s your preferred colour stripping method? Have you tried Decolour Stripper? Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch


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LunatiCK Labs Zombie Defense Palette Review Now Available in the UK!

You know how much I love discovering new brands right? Well, here’s a goodie that’s recently landed at my favourite online cosmetics shop, CutECOsmetics. This range is a indie, small, handmade brand from America called LunatiCK Labs, in addition it’s also talc free, vegan and cruelty free, how awesome is that? But, wait until you see it in all its glory! This brand has previously been unavailable to buy in the UK so it’s great news for fans of quirky make up!

The whole range is inspired by old school horror films and aims to produce ethical, professional quality products, how cool is the palette?!

DSC_4100 (600x399)

The inside of the palette features characters from old horror films and a bat shaped mirror and lots of other references to the horror genre, isn’t is awesome? It’s pretty damn special.

DSC_4101 (600x399)

DSC_4102 (600x399)

Inside each palette you get five shades of super soft, highly pigmented colours in shades inspired by the horror genre, this is the Zombie Defense palette and the shades here are called: Red Rum Red, Amberzombie & Ditch, BBRRAAIINNZZ, Gain Green, The End Is Near. I have the feeling that these shadows were originally formulated in a powder form as they are super soft and have a lot of fall out when you use them, they come with acrylic circles to cover each shadow and the idea is that you can use these to repress the shadows if it becomes a problem.

DSC_4105 (600x399)

This palette has a great mixture of textures and useful shades. The purple and green are satin finish with a tiny bit of fine shimmer and I just love them together, the burgundy shade is gorgeous for a neutral look it’s the colour of dark bronze with a metallic finish. I don’t own many black eyeshadows so this one is a great addition, it’s highly pigmented and has a touch of silver and gold glitter and finally the blue is a deep royal blue with a matte finish. LOVE them.

As mentioned before the shadows are really soft and delicate, so you want to be careful when using this palette, the acrylic compressors that come with it aren’t proving very useful to me at the moment as they prevent the magnetic fastening of the palette from closing, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep them there, but it’s good that they have thought of some kind of solution for the fall out.

DSC_4103 (600x399)

Here’s a look I created using this palette along with Sugarpill Poison Plum brows and Illamasqua Sangres lipstick, what do you think?

DSC_4096 (600x399)

DSC_4098 (600x399)

The palette is just £22.95 and available in the UK from CutECOsmetics right now along with individual shadows and intensely pigmented lipglosses in a bunch of weird colours.

What do you think of this brand? Let me know what you think in a comment or a tweet @JayneKitsch

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Zoya Glitter Nail Polish in Staasi Review

God I’ve gotten poor at blogging, I know I need to get back on track with regular posting as it really is the most effective way to maintain a good following and consistent figures, although that’s not important for everyone, as a freelancer it’s a useful way to maintain a extra income source and I’ve definitely been crap recently, just too busy!

Anyway, after a month of no nail polish I finally found some time to look after myself with some at home pampering and  much needed manicure. I went for glitter as it lasts the best and always cheers me up, here’s my review and swatches of Zoya’s glitter nail polish in shade, Staasi.

20141020_110518 (600x338)

First off, I love the elegant and unusual bottle shape. It’s easy to handle for application and stands out as being distinctly from this brand, which for me is always a nice thing. In the bottle you’ll see it’s pure glitter! Lots of different shades of green and a few different particle sizes. The base is a fine lime green glitter and there are larger rounded particles of iridescent sparkle that reflects blues, greens and golds.

20141020_110527 (600x307)


On first coat the colour is very sheer, you definitely wouldn’t want to wear it with one coat, but it would work really well over the top of a base colour. I’d love to try it over a metallic bronze or blue. With two or three coats you can get an even and thick, solid glitter coverage which is the look that I prefer. The glitter is mega difficult to capture on my nails with my phone, but I’d say that the colour dries accurately to the bottle.


20141020_110543 (338x600)


The quality is great and so far there’s been no chips and I’ve been busy crafting and doing housework, so that’s a great sign. Let’s hope it lasts the weekend as we’ve got a lot on this week and I don’t think I’m going to have a moment for another manicure! This nail polish has also reminded me that I need more glitter nail polish in my life.

What do you think? What’s your favourite glitter nail polish? Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Outfit Post: Dr. Martens Tartan Dress and Sugar & Vice Planet Necklace

So, it’s October and it’s still not cold enough for a coat? What’s that all about? Well, it’s raining today in Brighton but yesterday it was another super sunny day, fresh with a cold air but still no need for boots or a coat. We headed to the local park so that Miz could practise sliding on the skateboard and we grabbed a few photos of my latest dress purchase from Dr. Martens. Although this dress was purchased as part of their Summer collection, it’s clearly more of a Winter number which I’m pretentiously going to label as transitional. I’m SO fashion.



The dress is gorgeous, it’s a brushed cotton tartan which buttons through with pearly buttons, the skirt is pleated and it has some skinny belt loops which I’ve filled with a Forever 21 red skinnny belt which has start shapes punched out of it. I’ve accessorised with burgundy coloured cable knit tights and my beat up Converse. The bag is a fox/owl depending on which way you look at it and you can find this all over the internet! I’ve stolen the hat from Miz, I don’t know where it was from originally.

Outfit2The dress was quite pricey at around £65, but it’s such a classic and lovely soft fabric that I think it’s totally justified. Plus, it fits me really well with a good skirt length too. It’s totally worth spending a bit more on something if you love it, especially if the quality is good as you know you can keep it in your wardrobe for years and still whip it out when you need a staple, easy to wear item.

Outfit3My Sugar & Vice solar system necklace fits perfectly with the colours in the tartan so I think it’s a great choice to go with it, this beauty gets ALOT of wear! Make up wise, I’m wearing Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet on my lips and a metallic green liner from Kiko Cosmetics for eyeliner flicks. You can’t really see them here but I’ve got blue/green ombre brows using Sugarpill. My base is a mixture of Smashbox BB Concealer and Balance Me BB Cream.

Liked this blog post? Drop me a tweet @JayneKitsch of be all old school and leave me a comment below. 

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Outfit Post: Black Milk Cat Leggings and Creeper T-Shirt

The Black Milk collection continues to grow and they have well and truly converted me to wearing leggings, in some ways. Obviously if you’re wearing Primark quality black leggings that are too small for you and you can see your knickers and even your cellulite through them, that’s totally not a good move. However, when you’ve got something amazing quality like Black Milk that fits awesomely, is the right length and fits on the waist with a good leg length and thick fabric that actually makes you feel awesome it’s quite different. I still don’t think leggings as trousers are acceptable on many people, so I’m still opting to wear mine with long tops that cover my arse, but I’m pretty amazed that I’m currently choosing leggings over other trousers more and more.

Anyway, here’s today’s outfit…

20141003_141136 (800x450)

I’m really struggling to find stuff that fits me at the moment as I’ve put weight on and I’m now in between sizes. This is the first time in my life that I’ve changed size so it’s pretty stressful finding that most of my clothes don’t fit anymore and I’m reluctant to buy loads of new stuff in case the weight gain is temporary. Either way, baggy tees and leggings are helping me through.

20141003_141154 (800x450)

The leggings are Limited Edition Black Milk called Who’s That Cat, they are super shiny thick nylon black leggings with cute cat character faces on them, very odd. I love them and they were my third ever Black Milk purchase. If you don’t know Black Milk already, you need to check them out, they are an amazing Australian cult fashion brand that does lots of geeky collaborations and limited edition nylon clothing.

20141003_141112 (800x450)

My t-shirt if a band tee from Southampton based punk band, Creeper. I saw them for the first time a few weeks ago at The Black Heart in Camden supporting Gnarwolves at their album release show. They are a very new band but already kicking arse, playing amazing shows and producing awesome songs (and merch) if you’re a fan of old school AFI, you should definitely check them out. If you don’t know who AFI are, never mind, just look at how cool the t-shirt is.

20141003_141136 (800x450)

20141003_143052 (800x450)

My new ring is a glitter resin 8-bit heart from Peppermint Puff, I love it! It’s so sparkly and it’s inspired me to have a go at making my own resin jewellery which will be up on my Etsy shop very soon! You can also check out the quality of the Black Milk leggings in this pic too. My green rucksack is from Route One and my glitter shades are old ASOS. I’m wearing beat up burgundy Converse which I’ve had for a VERY long time.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. I know I’ve been slacking recently, I totes need to rediscover my blogging mojo. Watch this space for new newness coming soon, most likely in the form of rants about life. P.S Ignore my hair in these pics, I’m aware it’s in significant need of some TLC and a colour boost!

Liked this post? Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch to have a nice chat. ^_^


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Bouffe Dry Spray Volumising Hair Spray for All Hair Colours

Here’s a brand new product on the market for you today, Bouffe Dry Spray. It launched in August exclusive to Boots and claims to be a brand new category in hair styling. This isn’t a dry shampoo, it’s a dry spray! Although it has very similar properties to a dry shampoo and can be used in the same way, this beauty also does a lot more too.

DSC_4059 (1024x681)Inspired by the bouffant hair style that was made famous by Marie Antoinette in the 18th Century, Bouffe is all about creating volume whether that be for creating a boost to a up do, improving the appearance of thin, limp hair or just to help maintain a blow dry. The Bouffe that I’ve been trying out is a clear version of the product, but they have also released a range designed towards specific hair shades too which means you can use them to conceal root regrowth, which I think is one of the most useful selling points of this range.

DSC_4060 (1024x681)How pretty is the bottle? Anyway, it’s a aerosol the same as a dry shampoo in the first instance, but unlike dry shampoo is doesn’t have the dry, chalky texture that can so often dull hair. The brand describes the texture as a candy floss texture which I feel is quite accurate, it’s slightly sticky like hairspray (which helps keep hair styles in place) and it has a translucent quality that allows your hair to keep its shine too. You use it just as you would a dry shampoo too, just spray on and then brush or massage through to boost the roots.

Personally, I’m a bit crap at hair styling and don’t often use a lot of product so I’m probably not the best person to give an opinion on this product. For me, I did find it gave a volume boost and freshen hair slightly, better than dry shampoo because you don’t have that powdery texture and dulling look. However, I think this product would be best used for prepping hair for up dos and before/during blowdrying to help keep hair styles looking big and beautiful. I’m sure lots of girls will find this product a mega help.

I attempted some before and after pics with my limited hair styling skills, it’s not great, but I’m sure you’ll agree that you can see an instant root boost with very little effort.

DSC_4047 (1024x689)


DSC_4054 (1024x714)


Have you tried Bouffe? 

What’s your favourite way of adding volume to your hair? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Kiko Cosmetics Ace of Diamonds Lipstick and Lip Pencil Colour 27 Review

Ohhh how I love Kiko Cosmetics, everything I’ve ever tried is amazing and this is no exception. The latest collection from Kiko is inspired by Casino’s and Bond girls, which is reflected in the femme fatale shades and the playing card inspired packaging. Today, I’m reviewing my new favourite lipstick combo. I’m excited for Autumn because it means darker, sumptuous, richer shades are more acceptable and easier to pick up, whereas wearing these shades in the sun has the effect of looking goth, which is fine by me, it isn’t for everyone.

First off, check out the packaging, isn’t it pretty?


The packaging inside is significantly less exciting but for an affordable it doesn’t bother me. They have the playing card references on the pack but it’s nothing ground breaking or swishy, but that doesn’t really matter, because the product inside is what really matters.


These colours are such luscious, deep, dark berry shades I adore them! It’s burgundy in my mind. Both have a creamy texture which easily glides on without the need of a brush. It’s really comfortable to wear and the colour lasts really well. Isn’t it a gorgeous shade!? The pencil and lipstick are very close in textures, although I’d say the pencil has a more matte finish and the lipstick is more of a creamy finish, as a pairing they are long lasting and really pop!


I’ve worn this tons and I absolutely love it, a great shade for the Autumn and I’ve been wearing it casually and for the evening. Here’s a couple of Instagram looks in which I wore this shade so you can get a better idea.



 What do you think of this Kiko Cosmetics shade? 

What’s your favourite lipstick shade for the Autumn? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Lucky Beach Burger, Brighton

So as you know since we’ve moved to Brighton we’ve been on the hunt for a burger that can beat some of our favourite places in London (namely MEATmission, Lucky Chip and Burger Bear), so far it seems that the Brighton trend is much more about local ingredients and having a British take on things, but we hadn’t found a good, juicy, dirty burger like we were used to in London until now.

This weekend, after continued research into the Best Burger in Brighton we were prompted to visit Lucky Beach, which is on the beach, believe it or not! A first glance it doesn’t look like much, you wouldn’t think it was much of a restaurant as it looks much like many of the bars that are in the arches along the main straight of Brighton beach.

However, we were pretty darn happy with the food discovery! Not only did we get to sit on the flipping beach to eat, we were greeted with just the sort of burger we’ve been looking for: juicy, messy to eat and crammed full of flavour and toppings.



I went for the El Diablo, because I just can’t resist a chilli burger. On this beauty you get two patties with their extra hot chilli butter, which was delicious. Not as spicy as the MEATmission Green Chilli Burger, but very tasty. Plenty of cheese and veg too, but the tastiest thing in this creation was the demi-brioche bun dotted with poppy seeds, it’s super soft but not soggy, just the right amount of sweet and just perfect. My only complaint is that my burgers weren’t big enough to fill the whole bun which meant I ended up with lots of spare bread. I think this was just testament to the fact that it’s all hand made though, as Miz’s burger didn’t have the same problem.



Oh man! The chips were just perfect, skin on fries with smoked aoioli, and a really decent portion for your money. Everything was tasty and the beach side location is a mega bonus. Everything came in good time, with excellent and friendly service and you can each for about £10 each, which is awesome. Drinks wise there isn’t the best selection of beer (we like craft beer and apparently this hasn’t caught on in a big way in Brighton just yet) but they do have a lovely selection of classic and original cocktails which are always a good alternative. Overall, I think we have another contender for the Best Burger in Brighton.

What’s your favourite burger place? 

Where’s the best burger in Brighton?

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch


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Pizza Express, Jubilee Place, Brighton Review

Pizza Express used to be my go to restaurant for an affordable and pleasant meal out, especially when I was an extremely fussy eater who was a bit difficult to cater to. Chain restaurants were my safety net, as once I’d been to one I always knew what to expect and what I would order on the menu. However, since branching out with my food I’ve not been to as many chain restaurants and mixed things up a bit and since Pizza Express was always such a safety blanket, I’ve not really been back since branching out, so when they invited me and Miz down to one of their Brighton restaurants I was excited to see how to performed now.

First up, we tried their Hugo cocktail, a blend of Prosecco, Elderflower, lime and mint, totally lush. I can’t really deal with Prosecco on its own, but this blend is lovely and refreshing and perfect for the Summer, I’d definitely recommend grabbing one whilst they are still on the menu.


My old choice of meal would be dough balls, followed by a pepperoni pizza and then and ice cream, but with the new, broader menu I thought I’d branch out. Me and Miz can’t resist a good tapas style sharing platter so we went for their Anti Pasti sharing starter and we were super impressed. Seriously, look at how delish this looks!

Sundried tomato’s, peppers, olives, mozzarella, warm garlic oil doused bread sticks and a selection of meat piled onto of a little rocket salad. Nom, nom, nom. Such good value too and mega tasty. Lovely shared between two, but would also work well with a larger group too. Just looking at this photo is making me want to return for this platter alone.


Main course? Well, Pizza of course! Although, you’re not limited to pizza there’s a good selection of salad, pasta and calzones too as well as three choices of pizza base now as well. I went for Fiorentina with spinach, black olives and a fried egg and Miz went for American Hot with pepperoni and hot green peppers (you can choose what sort of peppers you’d like). My pizza was the classic base, which is my preference it’s a good size and a slightly chunkier base, Miz had the Romana which is a super thin crispy base. Hungry yet?



Miraculously we managed to save room for dessert! Again, the menu has a good selection including the new Dolcetti desserts which are mini desserts served as a side to your choice of coffee or tea, that’s what Miz opted for alongside a Lemon Tart, which was essentially a mini Lemon Meringue Pie. I was greedy and had the Toffee Fudge Glory, which I’ve had many times before and now it’s even bigger!



Overall, mega impressed! Although I’d always rather support a local business or small brand, Pizza Express definitely has a lot to offer and if you want somewhere safe and perfect for a large group or family, I’d definitely recommend it. Plus, if you’re doing Orange Wednesday you can now get 2 for 1 at Pizza Express with the same code, so that’s an ideal way to make the most of that offer.

What do you think of Pizza Express? 

Where’s your go to easy food place? 

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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Removing Hair Colour with Scott Cornwall's Decolour Stripper
Removing Hair Colour with Scott Cornwall’s Decolour Stripper

So prior to my most recent colour change I tried bleaching my hair for the first time ever before go…

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Outfit Post: Dr. Martens Tartan Dress and Sugar & Vice Planet Necklace
Outfit Post: Dr. Martens Tartan Dress and Sugar & Vice Planet Necklace

So, it’s October and it’s still not cold enough for a coat? What’s that all about?…

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My Tips for Going Freelance
My Tips for Going Freelance

So, I’ve been completely freelance a year in January, so I thought now was a good time to pass…

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My Tips for Going Freelance
My Tips for Going Freelance

So, I’ve been completely freelance a year in January, so I thought now was a good time to pass…

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